Domestic Travel Stimulus

New Criteria for Domestic Travel Stimulus (DTS) Applications

  1. Criteria for Application of DTS

    • Applicable for local Sabah tour operators only with valid MOTAC (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture) license
    • Minimum 2 pax (Adult) per package and above
    • Applicable for guests from West Malaysia/Sarawak/Labuan and within Sabah buying a full 2D/1N package (inclusive of accommodation, transportation and tours) from a local licensed tour operator in Sabah
  2. Supporting Documents

    The application to be submitted together with the following documents before the 15th of each month by the claimants:

    • Copy of valid trading license and relevant MOTAC license and
    • Copy of accommodation's tax invoice(s) from the hotel to the claimant as proof of stay and
    • Copy of tax invoice for package sold
    • Note:

    • Payment is based on reimbursement basic upon receiving supporting documents and verified.
    • Amount remain at RM50 per pax

How to Apply?

  • Application Form to be completed and sent to:

    Domestic Travel Stimulus

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sabah Tourism Board

    51 Jalan Gaya

    88000 Kota Kinabalu

    Sabah, Malaysia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I submit just the arrival boarding pass since it is difficult to get a copy of the departure boarding pass and what copy of documents to submit for other mode of transport apart from air travel?

    Travelling by Air

    Copies of both arrival and departure boarding passes are required (we also accept copy of return flight tickets as proof of travel)

    Travelling by Sea

    Copy of purchased return ferry/boat tickets

    Travelling by Land

    Proof of travel that includes passport stamping during the arrival and departure (applicable for land transfers from Sarawak/ Labuan)


    For guests travelling within Sabah by land, tour operators must submit the tax invoice of the purchased 2D/1N package with accommodation

  • We are not clear about the minimum 2 pax per package; does it mean for the same travel period or the same package type?

    It should be both - same traveling period and the same package tour.

  • Can I combine different groups travelling on the same date and taking the same package to meet the minimum requirement of 2 pax?

    No. The pax(s) from different groups cannot be grouped together. It has to be from the same group of family and/or friends, same travelling period with same package tour.

  • Can children be counted in the claim as well?

    Children paid with a full package amount (children's rate) will be counted and entitled for the DTS claims.

  • Can I apply if my group purchased tour packages without the accommodation and we do not have the invoice as proof of stay.

    No. The copy of the invoice is required as proof of length of stay.

  • Do I need to give RM50.00 discount per pax to my guests?

    This is up to your company's discretion.

  • If I am a licensed tour guide in Sabah, can I submit a claim for my guests? What if I am only a consumer?

    No. The DTS claim is only applicable to licensed tour operators registered in Sabah and resort/product owners.

  • If a tour operator/resort operator in Sabah with a license that expired in July 2020, for instance, is it possible to apply for the DTS?

    No. Only tour operators with a valid license are eligible to apply and claim the DTS.

  • I am a Kota-Kinabalu based tour operator and clients from West Malaysia bought our package to Sandakan and we outsourced a Sandakan Tour Operator; who is entitled to claim the DTS?

    Only the Kota Kinabalu based tour operators are entitled to claim for the DTS provided the criteria is met.

  • If a customer buys separate packages for KK and Sandakan from two different tour operators; who is entitled to claim the DTS?

    Both the KK and Sandakan based tour operators can claim the DTS incentive, provided both companies fulfil the criteria.

  • I am a KK agent and my guests are from KK and they are buying my package to Tawau. Am I eligible to claim the DTS?

    Yes, as long as the criteria is fulfilled.

  • I am a resort/dive operator with valid MOTAC license in Semporna and selling a 2D/1N package tour. Can I claim the DTS?

    If a resort operator with valid MOTAC license sells directly to a consumer,then they are entitled to claim the DTS as long as they fulfil the criteria.

  • I am a resort/dive operator in Semporna and sell packages through a Kota Kinabalu-based agent; Can I claim the DTS?

    If a resort/dive operator sells its packages through a KK agent, only the KK agent can claim the DTS as long as they fulfil the criteria

  • If a customer purchased a 2D/1N package directly from a West Malaysia/Sarawak tour operator, who can claim the DTS?

    Only the Sabah tour operator counterpart is eligible to claim the DTS incentive.

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